Reward offered: Vandals destroy Snohomish club's youth soccer fields

The Snohomish Youth Soccer Club is offering a $1,000 reward for tips to help Snohomish police arrest the vandals who destroyed their soccer fields in Snohomish on Saturday night.
Witnesses say someone driving a dark-colored SUV broke in and destroyed a wide expanse of Stocker Fields with a joyride. The driver spun figure-eights in grass softened by recent snow, and left the soccer playing surface tilled-up with cuts in the earth half a foot deep.
"It’s almost disbelief that someone would come out and do this," said Michael Mikulsky with the Snohomish Youth Soccer Club.
In minutes, the vandals left the club with weeks or even months of work to make it playable again, Mikulsky said.
"This is a community place for children to play soccer," he said. "I mean you're just hurting the kids at that point.''
And Mikulsky said it took some effort for the driver just to get past the hundreds of protective barriers surrounding the fields. The vandals pulled up protective posts, which were anchored in concrete.
Now, the decorated club, where players go on to college and even pro soccer, is offering $1,000 for tips to police.
"We're going to have to excavate most of it out to be able to put it all back together," Mikulsky said.
(Contact Deputy Celestine with the Snohomish Police Department at 360-568-0888 to share information. Callers can remain anonymous.)

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