Surveillance camera records break-in at North Sound hobby shop

A violent break-in at a North Sound hobby shop -- caught on camera.

A violent break-in at a North Sound hobby shop was caught on camera.  Now the hunt is on for the crooks and the radio control vehicles they ripped off.

The burglary happened under the cover of darkness. But it was in full view of the video cameras Jon Failla has installed all around his J & S R/C Hobbies shop in Marysville.  The crooks used a sledgehammer trying to knock the door down.  Finally they kicked their way in.

"And they came through and went immediately to two car kits that were sitting here," he said, "like they'd been in the store before."

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In fact, he says once inside, the crooks seemed to know exactly what they wanted.

"They ran over to here," said Failla, walking to a shelf full of boxes. "And I seen (them) push the car, pull it back, looked at it and pulled it and ran out the door with it."

They stole three vehicles worth a total of about $2,000.

"They were less than 20 seconds in the store," he said.

This is what they may want to do with their loot: race their vehicles, remote in hand, around a track.

"This is like a candy store for men," said race car enthusiast James Garner.  He says he understands the appeal.

"I don't understand the object of taking something," he said.  "But the appeal of what's here. There's everything you can want in one store."

That this would happen to a small business owner has angered him and many other radio control car enthusiasts.

And they hope the police will catch them.

"Yeah, definitely," said Jeremy Kim. "This is one my favorite shops that I like to go to.  There's a track on the side so we can get practice."

This is a version of one of the trucks they stole.  It retails for about $569.  The owner is hoping someone recognizes the car the pair used and will call the Marysville Police.

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