• Mukilteo suspect bragged about murders, writing ‘rap' lyrics in jail

    By: Deborah Horne

    MUKILTEO, Wash. - The last time KIRO 7 saw Allen Ivanov was in a Snohomish County courtroom, formally charged with murdering three former classmates, Anna Bui, his estranged girlfriend, Jordan Ebner, and Jake Long and attempting to murder Will Kramer.
    According to court documents, Ivanov wrote what reportedly appears to be a kind of suicide letter before the shooting. An expletive in bold letters is on the first page.
    "I can't believe I pulled the trigger," the letter begins. "You know what's funny? The media is going to portray me as some unstable, overly emotional, crazy lunatic. There's nothing wrong (with) me or the way I think. I'm selfish. That's why I did this."
    "So that is somewhat devastating in terms of a defense," said defense attorney Stuart Brown.
    Brown is not involved in the case. But he agreed to assess the impact these letters might have on Ivanov's case.
    "The defense will have to look and see if there is some mitigating defense here," said Brown. "Diminished capacity, temporary insanity."
    While in the Snohomish County jail, Ivanov appears to have struck up a friendship with an inmate who was recently sentenced to prison for murder.
    Ivanov wrote to him last month. Under the heading, "Rap Ideas," he seemed to pen lyrics to a rap song.
    "See me on the news, I'm bout to come up."
    "5 shots to the face, I neva slipped."
    "Blood spillin' like a rainy day."  
    To Brown, it speaks of a troubled mind.
    "But it still gets us to the issue of why did he do this?" asked Brown.
    Ivanov also wrote about how easy it was to buy the assault rifle he used in the murders. "Are you kidding me?" he asked.
    Will Kramer's father talked by telephone. For a couple of hours, he considered talking on camera about this. But then decided against it.
    He said he doesn't feel this is the time to do that.

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    Report: Mukilteo shooting suspect Allen Ivanov wrote rap lyrics in jail about killing

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