Person posing as construction worker breaks into house during renovation

VIDEO: Family's security cameras capture man breaking into their home

A Snohomish County woman, five weeks into a home renovation, said her security cameras captured someone posing as a construction worker breaking into her Marysville house Monday.

The video, shared with KIRO 7, shows a person wearing a reflective safety vest, clipboard in hand, as they walk into the family’s home just after 9 a.m.

The homeowner, Donna Cota, said her alarm immediately started blaring and spooked the stranger, who then unlocked and ran out of a back door.

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Video from the family’s backyard camera showed that person bust through a screen door and run toward a getaway car.

At the same time, a second person is seen on video walking toward the home with what appears to be a box. That person turns around and both quickly leave.

“Luckily, wasn’t able to do anything,” said Cota, who tells KIRO 7 she was at work when she received an alert from her alarm app.

She said police had arrived before she made it home.

“They had me wait outside,” said Cota. “They hadn’t even come in because they had brought a dog and they wanted that to be like the first scent that the dog picked up.”

Cota said her family has been renovating their home near 133rd Place NE and 51st Ave for the last five weeks – which may explain why the person, who she said had no business being inside her home, showed up dressed that way.

“If somebody had been watching, they probably seen a lot construction people coming and going,” said Cota.

Cota, who said a family member may have left the front door unlocked, is now warning neighbors through social media about the person in the construction getup.

She showed KIRO 7 a picture of a black Nissan, captured on a neighbor’s surveillance camera, that she said the duo apparently arrived and left in.

“I was just a nervous wreck,” said Cota. “I’ve just looked at my phone the whole day to see like, anything; it’s scary, it’s a scary thing.”

KIRO 7 reached out to Marysville police Tuesday and asked whether investigators had any leads on the people seen in the video. We did not immediately hear back.

Contact police with information related to this case.

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