• North Everett neighbors report sewage-like stench in some areas

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    EVERETT, Wash. - Some people in North Everett are complaining about a stench in the air that some say smells like sewage.

    The Everett Herald reports the city has gotten 13 complaints about foul odors and smells in the air since the end of August and many reports of the smell began to come in on Nextdoor and other social media.

    So far, the exact cause hasn't been pinpointed.

    The Everett Public Works Department told the Herald similar reports come in around this time every year.

    One theory is the smell is caused by low tides in the bay and Snohomish River, paired with warmer temperatures.

    One man who works near Naval Station Everett told the Herald he believes the smell is originating from water and waste treatment on the base. A spokeswoman for the base said staff were not aware of any odor issues.

    Everett officials are concerned about the reports and ask anyone who smells the odor to call 425-257-8821 so they can track the location and number of complaints.

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