Marysville police to get high-tech tool to help solve crimes

VIDEO: Marysville police will soon have new crime solving technology

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — A game changing technology will soon be part of daily operations for the Marysville Police Department.

The device, known as the Faro Laser Scanner, will be instrumental at crime and crash scenes.

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The Marysville City Council voted to purchase the device earlier this week.

Authorities told the Arlington Times the technology will not only make the process of analyzing and recording crime scenes more accurate, but much faster as well.

Authorities use the laser to recreate and animate a crime scene for the most realistic image possible.

Prosecutors can use the data gathered to make their case in court.  The Bellevue Police Department got one in 2016.

“A lot of people on the juries watch these CSI shows. They see all the fancy effects that Hollywood does and they expect us to do the same thing,” said Lt. Gary Cook with Bellevue police.

According to the Arlington Times, it's going to cost taxpayers about $87,000.

But the Marysville Police Commander told the paper the public will benefit, especially when investigators use the device at crash scenes.

In the case of a crash scene, the laser scanner can recreate and animate a 3D map, showing everything from cars to people to objects in just minutes, instead of hours.

So that means after fatal crash - especially on a freeway - authorities can get in and out and reopen the highway much faster.