Friends hold suspect at gunpoint after man sets up sting to get stolen car back

EVERETT, Wash. — Police say a man who had his car stolen set up his own sting operation to get it back.

It happened in the parking lot of an Everett Safeway store Tuesday.

When the victim noticed his car for sale on OfferUp, he asked to meet with the seller.

Police say when the suspect showed up, the victim's two friends held him at gunpoint.

He was still on the ground when officers arrived.

Police say they want to warn people against taking vigilante justice.

“You never know how these might turn out.  So fortunately for this one, nobody was injured, but you never know if the other person has a knife, a gun or those types of things -- or what's going to be used,” said Aaron Snell with the Everett Police Department.

Officers arrested one suspect at the scene but are still looking for another.

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