• Everett businessman raising money to send students to DC march

    By: Siemny Kim


    EVERETT, Wash. - An Everett businessman is up against the clock in his effort to raise money to help local students travel Washington, D.C., for a national gun control rally.

    As of Wednesday, Roger Gable has raised $13,000.

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    ​He owns Gable Piano and is a longtime business owner in Everett.

    “I'm a piano tuner who goes into people's homes day in and day out, spend an hour and a half tuning their piano,” Gable said.

    But what's out of tune now to the 69-year-old isn't easily fixed.

    “Seeking harmony,” Gable said. “That's what piano tuners do, we're always searching for harmony and it's not coming about right now. We've got a lot of discord in society.”

    He frequently travels to schools all over the area to tune their pianos. So, school safety is something that is top of mind for him.

    He was horrified when gun laws didn't change after the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012. Then again when after the Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting in 2014. After the Valentine's Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Gable was inspired to act.

    “Washington state has got to represent in this movement,” Gable said.

    He took out an ad in the Everett Herald newspaper to raise money to send students from Snohomish County to Washington, D.C., for a nationwide protest against gun violence on March 24.

    “And I think it's a social change upon us and I think we have to strike while the iron is hot,” Gable added.

    Gable said a lot of the donations have come in just the last three days.

    Because the march is in two and a half weeks, he feels like time is against him. He still wants to send as many students as he can, but he needs to make arrangements in the next week or so.

    If you want to help or donate, please contact him at Gable Piano at 425-252-5000.

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