City of Snohomish creates virtual tip jar for service workers

City of Snohomish creates virtual tip jar for service workers

SNOHOMISH, Wash. — The city of Snohomish has created a virtual tip jar to help support service workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The City’s website allows service workers to share their Venmo and PayPal handles which people can then send tips directly to.

“Twenty dollars, $10 and even $5 to a member of the service sector currently out of work is a blessing,” economic development and communications manager Wendy Poischbeg said in a news release.

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The service is free to use for everyone.

Workers in the service industry have been hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic. On March 16, Gov. Jay Inslee signed an emergency order that shut down restaurants, bars and hair salons, among other businesses. (Restaurants are still allowed to offer takeout and delivery)

“The Virtual Tip Jar is a nice solution without setting up a GoFundMe. It allows my employees to receive the money directly instead of going to my business to disperse,” said Lorry Green, owner and operator of Elle Marie Hair Studios.

More businesses will soon be affected by the coronavirus when Inslee’s mandatory stay-at-home order goes into effect Wednesday night. Click here for a list of essential businesses that will be allowed to stay open.