Bellingham bus rider stabs other passenger

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — According to Bellingham police, a woman riding a bus in Bellingham became angry the bus was not heading downtown and stabbed another passenger four times on Tuesday.

Police said, LaKisha Bolden, 44, became so angry with the bus driver that once he made an unscheduled stop to let her off, she pulled out a 4-inch knife and attacked another rider.

The woman who was attacked fought back and was able to flee the stopped bus to safety.

After the rest of the passengers and bus driver safely made it off the bus, Bolden remained alone on the bus with her knife.

When Bellingham police arrived on the scene, they disabled the bus to prevent Bolden from possibly driving it away.

Crisis negotiators were able to convince Bolden to surrender, and she was arrested for assault and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.