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10 people displaced in fire at Everett apartment building

EVERETT, Wash. — Ten people were forced out of their homes after a fire erupted at an Everett apartment complex.

People began calling 911 about a fire at the Marie Anne Terrace apartments, located at 1030 Ttereve Drive, shortly before 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

Everett Fire Department crews arrived at the three-story building to find flames coming out of the front window of a second-floor apartment. The flames had spread to a third-floor unit directly above.

Everett Police helped firefighters evacuate residents.

After applying water from the outside into the second and third-floor apartments, firefighters were able to go inside the building to contain the fire and search for possible victims.

The flames were under control within 20 minutes, according to fire officials.

Two units were badly damaged by the flames and several other apartments have smoke and water damage.

Four families — 10 people in all — were displaced and are being helped by The Red Cross.

Firefighters reunited a family dog with its owner.

No one was hurt.

A fire investigator determined that the fire started in a bedroom in a second-floor apartment, but the cause was ruled to be undetermined.