• Naked man arrested outside children's museum

    By: KIRO 7 STAFF


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Olympia police arrested a naked man outside a children's museum Tuesday. 

    Calls into 911 reported a man standing across the street from the Hands On Children's Museum center screaming at people and cars in the area. He reportedly threw rocks and pretended to shoot at cars with his fingers as they passed by. 

    As the responding officer drove into the area, he saw the suspicious man suddenly pull off his shirt, drop his pants and underwear to his ankles. The man started dancing in a circles. 

    "He was completely naked except for the clothing around his ankles, which did not provide any coverage," the officer wrote in his report.

    As the police car approached, the man quickly hoisted up his pants and attempted to act as if everything was normal, according to reports. When the officer contacted him, he was arrested for lewd conduct. 

    During the booking process at the city jail, the officer and corrections staff soon realized the man was suffering from either a drug-induced intoxication or a mental health issue. 

    A counselor was called to the jail to evaluate him, and the man was eventually transported to a clinic for further medical evaluations and possible mental health services.    

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