Murder suspect John Charlton described as 'creepy' by previous women

SEATTLE, Wash. — In the myriad online dating websites,

had profiles on at least three different sites.

On Mingle2, Charlton described himself as a "37-year-old man from Seattle, looking for a woman for friendship."

He went on to say that, "I like to disclose information about me in person.  I enjoy meeting people online and meeting up for coffee or drinks to get to know each other."

Investigators say last Friday Charlton went on a date with Ingrid Lyne, whom he had met a month earlier through a dating website. Police say Charlton killed the Renton mother of three and then cut up her body.




KIRO 7’s Dave Wagner spoke with a Seattle-area woman who met Charlton a year ago through the online dating site Zoosk.

She said Charlton seemed "more normal on the phone," but says "he just seemed creepy" when she met him in person.  "He was just off and his eyes seemed creepy," she said.

She went on to say that "he seemed like a hot mess, like something was not going right in his life."  She said that on St. Patrick's Day last year Charlton called her and seemed "drunk and belligerent."

On Monday, when Charlton was arrested for murder, the woman tells KIRO 7, "I was shaking. I was freaking out."

Charlton's Mingle2 profile has been deactivated, but the conversation continues on the dating website's forum. One woman writes, "Oh my gosh! Freaky. What the heck is wrong with some people?”

On Friday, KIRO 7 also interviewed a woman who exchanged messages with Charlton through the dating site OK Cupid.

After a seemingly normal night of messaging, she got a message the next day that said: "Maybe none of what I said last night makes any sense.  I should probably look into attaching a breathalyzer to my computer.”

It was followed by a message about “fixing broken things” that really spooked the woman, who KIRO 7 spoke with on the condition of anonymity.

“At the time it just seemed off, but knowing what I know now, it's scary, it's creepy,” she said.

Even more “creepy,” because the woman is a single mother who looks strikingly similar to Ingrid Lyne.

So she called Seattle police, but said her fears that other similar looking woman may have been targeted were dismissed.

“[The detective] assured me at the time she did not think it was a serial situation,” she said.

Seattle police have not said publicly if they are looking at Charlton in other murders or missing person's cases.