In wake of new law, schools consider policies allowing medical pot at school

VIDEO: Schools consider policies allowing medical pot at school

MUKILTEO, Wash. — The state legislature and governor approved a new law that allows medical marijuana products in schools.

The law, which went into effect at the end of July, requires the student to be a qualifying patient under Washington's medical marijuana law and have parental permission. If a parent of such a student requests to be able to give their child marijuana-infused products for medical purposes at school, it is then up to the school district to come up with a policy to accommodate the student.

That policy must require that parents go to school grounds, a school bus or a school-sponsored event and administer the marijuana-infused product to the student.  The smoking or inhalation of marijuana is not allowed.

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The district must also establish protocols to verify that the student is authorized to use medical marijuana.

KIRO 7 talked with the Mukilteo School District, which is considering a new policy for its schools.

"Times are different, and we've got people with medical needs. And this is pretty unique policy in that the district doesn't store or handle the medication.  We don't administer it," said Mukilteo School District Assistant Superintendent Bruce Hobert.

Leaders with the Mukilteo School District said they have no idea how many students and families might use the new policy, but they want to be ready given the new state law.

The Mukilteo School Board will vote on the policy in December.