• Mount Vernon homes damaged in drive-by shootings

    By: Lee Stoll


    MOUNT VERNON, Wash. - People are waking up to bullets tearing through walls and windows.

    Mount Vernon police said there have been four drive-by shootings since the end of June.

    "There's one right there, the second one, the third one," said Amanda Carreon, as she pointed out bullet holes in her house.  She thought firecrackers were hitting the wall early Monday morning.

    “I just don't know why.  It's been really hard to sleep since then," said Carreon.

    The shots tore through a room where three people were sleeping.  One bullet made it through an opposite wall.

     “One of the bullets actually went through and landed on the next to door neighbor's forehead or head or something like that while he was sleeping," said Carreon.

    Three of those shootings targeted homes and do not appear to be related.  No one has been hurt.

    "We don't typically experience something like this and that's what's troubling about it,” said Mount Vernon police Lt. Chris Cammock.

    The forth shooting was in the middle of the day.  Police said a man saw someone he knew on Freeway Drive and opened fire.  The suspected shooter was arrested.  Police said they do not have any suspects in the other shootings.

    "They are in populated areas and that's the risk that's run when this type of behavior happens,” said Cammock.

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