Marysville School District: Show about shooting is painful, inappropriate

VIDEO: North Sound community says entertainment company is trying to exploit tragedy

The Marysville School District has contacted Hulu to express their concerns over a storyline in a Hulu original series called "The Path."

There is a character in the fictional drama about cults who is from Marysville, Wash., and says his twin sister and four of their friends were shot to death by a classmate during school.

In "The Path," the character says the shooting was driven by racism.

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The school district says not only does the series inaccurately depict a real tragedy -- the October 2014 shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School that left five dead, including the gunman, and wounded three others. The district also said it unnecessarily reopens old wounds.

The district contacted Hulu corporate but did not receive a response.

KIRO 7 reporter reached out to Hulu as well and has not yet heard back. But she did speak with people impacted by the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting who say the TV show representation goes beyond inappropriate and is painful.