Marijuana dispensary employee robbed at gunpoint

Marijuana dispensary employee robbed at gunpoint
Robbery at marijuana dispensary: Patient Care 99 Medical Dispensary.

EVERETT, Wash. — A marijuana dispensary employee was robbed at gunpoint by two men Monday night, according to police.

One man put a gun to an employee’s face at Patient Care 99 Medical Dispensary at 7:15 p.m. and pushed him to the ground, as another man started grabbing jars of marijuana.

Authorities said the two men, who were wearing hoods, stole thousands of dollars worth of cash and marijuana from the dispensary.

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The robbery was caught on surveillance video.

"It was terrifying,” said Chris Vincent of Patient Care 99 Medical Dispensary

Surveillance video shows employee Nickolaii Matveev letting the first man in from the lobby to the shop.

Matveev tried to tell the other hooded man to stay in the lobby, but by that point the first man already had the gun out and pointed at Matveev, authorities said.

"They ordered him to the ground right here. They stood over the top of him,” Vincent said.

Matveev is so traumatized by what happened that he's quit his job.

When the two robbers left the store, they went down an alley and dropped about a half-dozen jars of marijuana, police said.

The store’s owner is hoping that police will be able to get fingerprints from those jars.

The owner is also offering a $1,000 cash reward to anybody who can identify the men.