Police put parking ticket on stolen car; thieves steal car again

VIDEO: Stolen car ticketed

A woman’s car was stolen near a Seattle park and only minutes after she called 911, an officer ticked the vehicle – not realizing it was stolen.

Shirine Park told KIRO 7’s Gary Horcher that as soon as she realized her car was stolen she called 911 and made an in-person report to a Seattle police officer. She told the officer she was headed to UW Medical Center for treatment and that much of what she owned was packed in the car and the trunk.

“The trunk had a very large suitcase with a lot of clothing, shoes, also a very expensive bike and jewelry that I cannot replace. It was from my mom, who’s now deceased,” Park said.

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Park said she started doing her own detective work right away.

“So I started going to the Washington state court records, applying my license plate,” she said.

She found out that about 20 minutes after she had reported it stolen, Seattle police had put a parking ticket on her car a few blocks away and ran the license plates.

But since it wasn't listed as stolen yet in the databanks -- thieves took the car for two more days. It appears to be damaged from three different collisions. A window was shattered.

When Seattle police told Park they found the car she said it was loaded with stolen merchandise from stores, stolen check and drugs.

"One officer said 'Oh by the way there's a tent in your trunk,'" Park said.

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