Woman says FedEx had package for 31 days before she received it

EVERETT, Wash. — It’s one of the biggest gripes after ordering something online, especially during the holidays: when will my package arrive?

KIRO 7′s Jesse Jones reports on the major delays involving FedEx and one woman who thought she gave herself enough time.

We’ll start at the end of this story. Kimberly Ruiz’s FedEx package did eventually arrive.

“It looks like it’s been beat up, it looks like it’s been sat on, it looks horrible,” said Kimberly.

The coffeemaker spent a month going from Texas to Everett.

“It was picked up by FedEx on November 12 and it was for my husband’s birthday on November 25th,” said Kimberly.

Kimberly is one of a number of customers who are upset with FedEx’s tardiness delivering packages.

“I posted something on the Nextdoor app to see if anybody else was having the same issue, and within 24 hours I had over 200 responses from people in the Everett area,” said Kimberly.

A look at Kimberly’s paperwork shows the coffeemaker was on a non-caffeinated road trip.

It took eight days for the package to go 2,186 miles from Irving, Texas, to Kent, Washington.

Six days for it to travel 86 miles from Kent to Burlington.

And 17 days to go 39 miles from Burlington to Kimberly’s home in Everett.

“Ok, at some point if it’s been there for two weeks shouldn’t that raise a red flag like, ‘jeez, we need to get this package out the door?’ And they just said, ‘no it shows that we still have it and it’s going to be there,’” said Kimberly.

In a statement the company said:

“FedEx continues to navigate operational challenges due to constrained labor markets, increased package volume and the ongoing pandemic. We’re accelerating our efforts to bolster capacity, which includes a laser-like focus on people, facilities and technology.”

Jesse: “What do you think of FedEx and its promises?”

Kimberly: “I can’t swear so …”

Jesse: “That bad?”

Kimberly: “That bad, yes, that bad!”

So, Jesse responded to FedEx asking for more information to help consumers.

What did he get in return?

He’s still waiting just like Kimberly did for her coffeemaker.

“Their business model is just not getting packages delivered to people on the delivery end of it,” said Kimberly.

Finally, the present arrived. But did it survive the trip?

“It’s all wet and damp, but it looks like it’s alive,” said Jesse.

“I think so. My husband’s going to be happy now, he’s going to get his birthday present,” said Kimberly.

But at the bottom of the box there was one final offer.

“Free standard shipping. Do you want any part of that?” said Jesse.

“No, not at all,” Kimberly laughed.

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