Woman found dead inside burning Everett home

EVERETT, Wash. — Everett firefighters said they discovered a woman dead inside a burning home Sunday evening in the 4700 block of West View Drive.

Firefighters told KIRO 7 Sunday the fire did not initially appear suspicious, but that the investigation into what started the fire would have to wait until Monday morning because of dangerous conditions at the home.

Several 911 calls were made around 7:50 p.m., according to firefighters, who said they arrived to flames and smoke coming from the home.

“Heard somebody screaming for the lady next door,” said Teresa Debolt. “Telling her to, ‘Get out, get out.’”

Debolt, who lives two doors down from the home that caught fire, said other neighbors were already trying to help by the time she came outside and realized what was happening.

“They were able to get into the back door, but it was so smoky they couldn’t get inside,” said Debolt.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's office identified the deceased as Marilyn F. Weitkamp, 82, of Everett. The cause of death is inhalation of products of combustion.

“She’s an older lady,” said Debolt. “She was really nice and everything, I mean, the neighbors liked her enough that they had people come in and help her with her lawn.”

Firefighters say the fire did spread to the attic area of a neighboring home, but said there were no other reported injuries.

Everett Fire Marshal Kurtis Brown said the woman was found in a room near the carport of the home.

“Believe it’s the bedroom, but that’s still undetermined,” said Brown. “The worst case scenario is when we have a victim like this.”

Everett fire said they’d keep a crew at the house overnight to watch for hot spots.

“It’s awful,” said Debolt. “I’m sure that the guys that tried to get inside are probably just feeling really horrible that they couldn’t get to her."