• With City Hall distracted, Murray says "I'm on this job every single day"

    By: Graham Johnson


    For the first time since being accused of sexually abusing a minor, Mayor Ed Murray on Friday took a few questions from reporters on the subject that's consuming Seattle politics.

    KIRO 7's Graham Johnson asked Murray if he could effectively lead the city while fighting the allegations.

    The mayor cited many accomplishments and said, "I'm on this job every single day and I believe I have hired the best department heads this city has ever had. I work this job 24/7 since the day I was sworn in.  I love this job more than anything else I do."

    The mayor took a few questions after a bill-signing ceremony in the International District.

    Sally Bagshaw was the only one of nine City Council members to attend.

    "I want you to know I have faith in this mayor. I have faith in his vision, I have faith in his commitment to make this city the best place it can be for all of us," Bagshaw said. "I also have faith in my council colleagues, that we are going to continue to keep our eye on the ball."

    At City Hall, KIRO 7 asked Councilman Mike O'Brien how much the Murray allegations were distracting from city business.

    "I know myself and my colleagues have our heads down right now making sure that work gets done," O'Brien said.

    O'Brien said, "If there's a problem where I can't get the work done because the departments aren't responding or other folks are distracted then I will be the first to stand up and say, 'This isn't working.' To date, it's only been a week, but things have still been working in the regular process."

    O'Brien declined to respond to a question about whether the mayor can effectively lead the city, and also declined to comment about whether the mayor should resign or not seek re-election.

    KIRO 7 asked O'Brien if he might run for mayor.

    "Right now, my focus is on making sure this city can address the concerns we have so I gotta work to keep folks in District 6 and throughout the city of Seattle happy. There's not a lot of free time to think beyond the work right now," O'Brien said.

    The filing deadline for mayoral candidates is May 19.

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