Wind, snow batters Snohomish County

VIDEO: Wind, snow blasts Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — As much as six inches of snow fell in several areas of the North Sound on Saturday, with potentially more snow on the way.

Areas near Monroe and Gold Bar were especially hit hard. At one point on Saturday evening, more than 5,000 people were without power.

“It’s been a little tough,” admitted Monroe resident Jon Newth. “We have no gas. We’re all electric at our house, so heating the house has been the biggest issue.”

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It wasn’t much better on the roads, either.

In the North Sound alone, Washington State Patrol reported more than 200 crashes in the last day.

The severe weather came as Jose Andrade drove in the snow for the very first time.

“I definitely had to take it a lot slower,” he told KIRO 7. “I’m not used to it, but at least I’m moving.”

Despite frosty conditions, people said they’re fed up with being at home, especially during this pandemic.

As a result, they said they searched for any reason to get out of the house, even as the snow fell.

“My wife wanted to pay her Macy’s bill and we started to get cabin fever only after a few hours,” said Tom Moffitt, who shopped at the Alderwood Mall during Saturday’s snow event.

As of Saturday evening, Snohomish County street crews said they had plowed the equivalent of 500 miles worth of roads.

It’s a slick, slippery situation that people are taking in stride.

“We have been deprived of so much this past year, that we’ll take anything we can get and this is such a beautiful sight,” said Lynnwood resident Laurie Tice.

Out of more than 200 crashes that happened in the North Sound, Washington State Patrol said only one accident caused someone to go to the hospital.