Wild events unfold after RV parks in front of Seattle councilwoman's home

SEATTLE — An RV that was parked in front of a Seattle City councilwoman's home sparked controversy and vandalism that was the result of an unfortunate coincidence.

The RV was vandalized after former Seattle City Council candidate Ari Hoffman went on a radio show where he threatened to tow broken-down RVs and park them in front of City Council members' homes.

So when the RV showed up in front of Councilwoman Lisa Herbold's home in the Delridge neighborhood, people assumed it was dumped there on purpose.

What happened next involved spray paint, some angry people and a crying pregnant woman.

KIRO TV's news partner, KIRO Radio, took video of someone spray-painting Williams' RV with graffiti referencing KIRO Radio host Dori Monson, who talked to Hoffman on-air about Seattle's RV problem.

But members of the family that owns the RV says it was "a hilarious coincidence" that they happened to park there.

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"We didn't know! We had no idea this was the council person's house," said RV owner Robert Williams.

Williams said he understands why people think his RV is a political statement after learning what was broadcast on the radio.

"When I first heard about it, I laughed," said Williams.

But Williams said he's not laughing about what happened to his RV or his pregnant daughter, Briar Williams.  Seattle police said when his daughter went to check on the RV, she was nearly attacked with a knife.

"And he was holding (a knife) and saying, 'I'm going to cut the baby out inside of you,'" said a tearful Briar Williams. "I'm homeless and pregnant but at the same time, I'm trying to get it together."

The family said they had just bought the RV and were in the process of cleaning it while figuring out where to park it permanently.  In the meantime, they thought the spot in front of the home would be a safe place to park.

"We went and got it licensed specifically because we wanted to play by the rules," said Robert Williams.

The vandalism that followed at first left the family baffled.

"I mean this?  This is funny," said Briar Williams, gesturing toward the RV. "The knife thing is not funny."

Since people are stopping by to see the RV or slowing down when they drive by it, the owner is planning on moving it soon.

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