When did other Seattle mayors leave office?

SEATTLE — Before Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, when was the last time a Seattle mayor left office?

Dorm Braman, who started as Seattle's mayor on March 10, 1964, resigned on March 23, 1969 to take a job with the Nixon administration. (Assistant Secretary in the Department of Transportation). See details about Braman here from HistoryLink.org.

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How many Seattle mayors faced a recall?

Three faced a recall, and two were recalled.

Who was the last Seattle mayor to face a recall?

Wes Uhlman on July 1, 1975. He easily survived the recall attempt. Read details here from HistorLink.org.

Who were the other Seattle mayors to face a recall?

Hiram C. Gill, who was recalled Feb. 9, 1911. He took office on March 8, 1910. Read details here from HistoryLink.org.

Frank E. Edwards was recalled on July 13, 1931 after being elected in 1928 and 1930. Read details here from HistoryLink.org.

Have other Seattle mayors resigned?

Six have, not all for negative reasons.

Arthur B. Langlie resigned on Jan 11, 1941 to take office as Washington's governor. He was elected on March 8, 1938. Read additional details about Langlie here from HistoryLink.org.

Mayor Ole Hanson resigned on August 28, 1919 after months away from Seattle. Read additional details about Hanson here from HistoryLink.org.

Mayor W.D. Wood resigned in July 1897. Read additional details here from HistoryLink.org.

Mayor Frank D. Black resigned in 1896, shortly after he was elected. Read about Black here from HistoryLink.org.

Harry White resigned in November 1891. He was elected July 13, 1890. Read details here about White from HistoryLink.org.

Corliss P. Stone abandoned office in February 1873 after allegedly embezzling money. Read details about that incident here from HistoryLink.org.

Any other Seattle mayors leave office?

John F. Dore was relieved of office on April 13, 1938 and died five days later. Learn about Dore here from HistoryLink.org.