• Western Washington brings big business to local tire shops

    By: Patranya Bhoolsuwan


    LYNNWOOD, Wash. - With all this snow on the ground across Western Washington, you need the right equipment to get around.

    That's why it's been a busy month so far for folks at the Discount Tire Shop in Lynnwood -- and they don't expect business to dry up any time soon.

    “It’s been ridiculously busy but it’s great that we could help everybody out,” said manager Tim Newton.

    Newton said his shop off 44th Avenue and 196th Street has been closing late almost every night to meet customers’ demands.

    Snow tires have been flying off the shelves with road conditions getting worse as the snow keeps falling.

    One driver, Darren Wolf, from Brier said he was hoping to get new tires in the Spring, but Mother Nature has other plans.

    “I ordered new tires last Friday and was able to come in today for an early appointment,” said Wolf.

    “The roads are terrible, wet, sloppy and no traction at all”.

    But for Drew Schmitz and his friend, who we found pumping air into his tires today, he said he’s all for the snow and his car is ready for it.

    He’s getting ready to head up to Stevens Pass for a fun day in the snow.

    “It’s been phenomenal. We haven’t seen snow like this in I don’t know how long.”

    Newton said snow tires are crucial but so are chains especially if you are going through the pass.

    But right now, he said chains have been selling out and they will be hard to find.

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