Man arrested for diving through window of Uber being sought after release

VIDEO: Man dives into Uber window

Seattle police are searching -- again -- for a 32-year-old man they arrested on July 30 for diving headfirst through the back window of an Uber, before trying to steal the car, after he failed to appear for a court-ordered alternative to jail.

Surveillance video captured the moment when the man dove through the rear window of the vehicle back in July.

According to court records, Matthew Nathan Weed told King County Jail staff he had limited ties to the community, has never worked, was treated for mental health in Nevada and is a "polysubstance drug abuser."

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He had also been convicted of several other previous crimes, including theft and assault, according to Seattle police.

Weed was charged in King County Court on three criminal counts related to the incident, which was captured on surveillance video. Weed is seen launching himself through the back window of a rideshare, just as the driver stopped to pick up a passenger in the 1900 block of 3rd Avenue. The driver chased and confronted Weed, who had multiple lacerations on his hands and head from the window's thin defrosting wires, which sliced through his skin as he dove through the glass.

Weed is seen in the video fighting the driver before jumping into the car and trying to drive away. A good Samaritan is seen helping to hold Weed's arms, preventing him from driving the car.

King County Superior Court Judge of Veronica Alycea Galván allowed Weed to be freed on a conditional release in August, though he had been held on $20,000 bail.

Judge Galvan ordered Weed into the Community Center for Alternative Programs (CCAP) instead of jail. But the King County Prosecutors office told KIRO 7 Weed never showed up at the community center, and there is now a bench warrant for Weed exceeding $20,000.

"It was so crazy, because (Weed) was bleeding so profusely when it happened," said Brenna Poppe, who lives in a "bridge shelter" run by Catholic Community Services, and witnessed Weed being arrested by Seattle police.

"It's not surprising he's here," Poppe said. "For one thing, there are services along 3rd Avenue, and if he came from Nevada, that's not surprising either. Given the fact that we have so many resources allocated here, they recommend it in a lot of states. They say, ‘Go to Seattle. Go to King County,'" Poppe said. "'Because they can take care of you. We can't.'"

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