WATCH: Redmond police release lip sync challenge video

REDMOND, Wash. — Redmond police released a lip sync challenge video Thursday afternoon.

"While waiting for the epic #LipSyncChallenge video from Seattle PD to be released, we caved to community peer pressure and made our own little video," officials with Redmond police said. "Come on, SPD, show Norfolk PD that #NorthwestIsBest!"

Redmond PD Lip Sync Challenge

We caved to the repeated community requests for a Redmond PD lip sync challenge video. While we're eagerly awaiting Seattle Police Department's epic retort to the Norfolk Police Department challenge, we put together this little number. Come on, SPD, we're all rooting for you! Hey, Duvall Police Department, it's your turn!

Posted by Redmond Public Safety on Thursday, July 19, 2018

Seattle police went all out this week, taking up the challenge from officers in Norfolk, Virginia, to create a lip sync video.

Dozens of officers in uniform, Seattle firefighters and ordinary citizens performed in the video along 4th Avenue in Belltown.

It showed a face of Seattle police most of the city's residents have likely never seen: Police officers in uniform break dancing to home-grown Macklemore on the very streets they are sworn to protect.

Seattle police filmed their lip sync video this week to the Macklemore song, 'Downtown.'

The full version hasn't been released yet.

Watch video from Seattle police filming behind the scenes below.