• WATCH: Man tries to kick down door of Kent home

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    KENT, Wash. - Roommates in Kent say they're being terrorized.

    Surveillance video shows someone trying to kick down their door on Friday.

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    A week earlier, one of them was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint when woman knocked on their door claiming her car had broken down and she needed to use a cellphone.

    Two men then pushed their way into the home, pepper sprayed Jose Cervantes, and held him at gunpoint while burglarizing the home.

    Cervantes ended up getting away from the men by escaping out a window and then making his way to his neighbor's house.

    He installed an alarm and cameras after the first attack, which is how he captured the man attempting to kick down his door.

    Kent police say they're still looking into possible leads.

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