WATCH: Bike shop owner fights off suspect with wrench during alleged assault

SEATTLE — Officers with the Seattle Police Department are looking for a suspect who they say was caught on camera stealing a bike from a bike shop and assaulting the store owner.

“My ring finger was crushed when he pushed me the first time. I landed on it and it’s completely sideways,” Patricia Ramos told KIRO 7’s Rob Munoz on Wednesday.

Ramos, who co-owns Pedal Anywhere with her husband, said she now has to have surgery on her broken hand to fix her fingers.

Ramos said she remembered the suspect from when he stopped in earlier in July to drop off a bike for repair.

According to Ramos, the bike’s serial number had it listed as stolen so she returned it back for its original owner.

When the suspect came back for the bike, Ramos said he was agitated and began ranting saying, “I need my bike. I keep telling the camp not to shoot you guys. I keep telling them not to shoot you and I guess I’m being an idiot because you don’t want to give me my bike.”

Ramos said she and her husband tried to give the suspect a donated bike but he continued to seem agitated.

The robbery comes just a week after another bike shop in Fremont had its storage container and store robbed by suspects in trucks.

See surveillance video of Ramos using a 10-pound wrench to protect herself during the assault in the video player below.

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