Washington attorney general completes project to collect DNA from registered sex offenders

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Tuesday his office has completed its project to collect DNA samples from registered Washington sex offenders who are required to provide DNA, but have never provided DNA.

The completion of the project yielded 372 new DNA profiles which have been entered into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), a nationwide database.

Eight of the 372 DNA profiles matched DNA evidence already in the database:

  • Three unsolved Washington sex offenses are now being reviewed.
  • Two matches were from offenders either already convicted or was already a confirmed suspect.
  • Three matches are for out-of-state offenses and law enforcement in those states will be notified.

Ferguson’s office will now move on to the next phase of the project: collecting samples from offenders of all other types of violent crimes.

“Out of respect for survivors and their experience, this work must be done,” Ferguson said. “This project is bringing justice to survivors of assault, rape and other violent crimes. The more cold cases that are solved, the safer our communities will be.”