• Wash. AG Ferguson files lawsuit over Trump's health care order

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    President Donald Trump's decision to end a provision of the Affordable Care Act that lowered out-of-pocket medical costs brought swift reaction Friday from the states – including Washington. 

    Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson joined 20 states in filing a lawsuit over a health care order made by Trump, who said on Thursday that he would end the cost-sharing subsidies (CSRs).

    At issue is a federal subsidy for deductibles and copays that helps lower costs for consumers with modest incomes. The Trump administration and many Republicans say the government cannot legally continue to make the so-called cost-sharing payments.

    The attorneys general want to force Trump to continue the funding. 

    Ferguson believes the President’s decision to withhold the payments is illegal and unconstitutional. The attorneys general asked the court to force the Trump Administration to continue paying for CSRs.

    “President Trump may not like the Affordable Care Act, but trying to sabotage it on the backs of hard-working Washingtonians is wrong — and illegal,” Ferguson said.

    According to Ferguson, Trump’s decision will raise premiums for thousands of Washingtonians. 

    Trump's health care order came weeks after the failure of the latest Republican attempt to repeal former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. It's less than three weeks before the start of open enrollment, when many Americans who do not have health insurance through their employers can start picking their plans.

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