• Viral video of teen getting beaten in Kent spawns hate speech online


    KENT, Wash. - Video of a child getting beaten in Kent goes viral and the family of the victim says it has exposed some racial divisions in the city.

    The attack happened less than a block from Kentridge High School.

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    The victim is of Indian descent and follows the Sikh religion.

     The family says they're not sure what brought on the attack, but they’re afraid it could be hate.

    The incident happened on a sidewalk less than a block from Kentridge High School.  The 14-year-old boy was attacked by a classmate as someone recorded it and posted it on social media.

    The school district says it wasn't rooted in hate, but spawned hate speech online.

    The Kent father says he feels pain each time he sees the video.

    “I am feeling so, so bad because this happened with my son. They beat him from the backside and hurt him too much. This is a very big thing for me, here in America, in the U.S., because I can't imagine, I can't explain or myself how I am feeling,” said the victim’s father, who declined to be identified.

    The video posted last Thursday when his son was attacked and he would only speak to KIRO 7 if we hid his identity. He fears further attacks now that the video has gone viral.

    The Kent School District released a statement on the incident:

     "At this point, it appears this was a continuation of an earlier classroom dispute and not racially or religiously motivated.  However, much of the social media regarding this incident includes very troubling and racially charged verbiage." 

    The family says their son never fought with the attacker in school.

    “He never interacted with this guy. He never know his name,” said the victim’s father.

    The Kent area is home to many Sikhs. The family said it wants peace for them and everyone.

    “I don't want to see this again happen with my son or anyone else. I don't want to see this.”

    The spokesperson for Kent Schools says school officials met police Tuesday and the matter is under investigation.

    The family says the boy is recovering.

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