Video of child hanging over roof of Shoreline school sparks inquiry

VIDEO: Video sparks inquiry into Shoreline school

SHORELINE, Wash. — A student was caught on camera dangling from the roof of a Shoreline school and neighbors say it isn't the first time it's happened.

The video now has the state demanding answers.

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The King County Sheriff's Office says there was a dramatic increase in calls about the school.

According to investigators, there were 24 calls to Pacific Learning Center Northwest last year compared to seven in 2015.

Quite a few cases involved students ending up where they shouldn't be -- like the girl being on the roof in October.

Cellphone video shows a female student on the school’s roof who is so closed to the edge that her head is dangling over the roof as she bangs on a window.

“What is going on and why is there a kid on the roof?” said a neighbor, who declined to be identified. “Like what if the kid fell you know, that's cement. (She) could have died or cracked her head, you know.”

The Shoreline woman said she lives near the school for special needs children on Westminster Way.

“That’s my question. I don’t know why it even happened in the first place,” she said.

KIRO 7 asked the school’s director, Dan Hanson.  He says students are usually supervised.

“This incident was spontaneous, and though it happened more than once, it has not happened since,” said Hanson.

The state’s superintendent’s office says it’s aware of the incident and says it’s really concerning.

“I hope they can do something,” said the neighbor.

She says it’s disturbing to see kids in potential danger, especially while they’re supposed to be in a safe environment.  She asked why no one went after the girl, and in October, the school posted on its Facebook page:

"The answer is none of their business, frankly, and probably beyond their ability to understand. We followed best practices, including those given us and used by the very police the woman called."

The state says Shoreline Public Schools is investigating and the school says it’s working with families and police to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“I feel like that's taking advantage of a kid and not caring,” said the neighbor.

There have been no formal complaints filed against the school, which is supported by Shoreline Public Schools.