• Video shows moments leading up to 2-year-old losing finger on transit escalator

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - Surveillance video shows a little girl getting onto the escalator with a man.

    As the two head down, the man immediately begins looking at the stairs that run next to the escalator.

    The man walks down a few steps and slowly climbs over, eventually getting to the other side.

    As he runs up the stairs the little girls is distracted and nearly falls, but stays on her feet.

    A few seconds later, you see the man heading down to rejoin the two-year-old.

    Just as he reaches her toward the bottom of the escalator, she turns back to face him and falls.

    KIRO 7 froze the video because a second after the fall her finger is sheared off.

    Last Friday, KIRO 7 was there for the frantic search to recover the finger, and get it to the hospital to be re-attached.

    A spokesman for King County Metro said Thursday night that safety is a top priority for the county.

    He said the escalator was closed until Monday morning at which time state inspectors determined it was safe for riders.

    Last year, a Renton family got a $1 million settlement because a 38-year-old fell on a similar escalator at the same station.

    His sweatshirt was caught on the bottom, strangling him to death.

    Still, Metro maintains its escalators are safe and meet all state standards.

    Commuters who use the escalators and spoke with KIRO 7 Thursday night said they agreed with Metro.

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