Vandals leave vulgarities, racial slurs at high school, blow up baseball mounds

VIDEO: Vandals spray paint racial slurs on high school baseball field in Lewis County

LEWIS COUNTY, Wash. — A group of vandals spray-painted and destroyed a Lewis County high school baseball field, leaving racial slurs and obscene drawings.

“Who in the world would do this?” said Winlock High School graduate Alan Contreras.

It’s a great question deputies are working to answer.

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Around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, cameras captured a group of people sneak onto Winlock High School’s baseball field.

Lewis County deputies said the vandals left racist and lewd remarks and a path of destruction.

“The graffiti, especially for a school environment, was pretty obscene. There were depictions of genitalia, there were sexually suggestive phrases, as well as racial slurs that were included in that graffiti,” said Chief Dusty Breen, Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.

The community quickly stepped up, covering up the offensive language written on the dugouts with dark green paint.

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“It wasn’t the type of thing we want kids to see or anybody to see,” said Winlock School District Superintendent Rick Serns. “Everybody is upset, naturally. We take pride in our community and our schools and our facilities.”

Tuesday, spots the vandals tagged with blue and red paint were still visible. They even spray-painted vulgarities into the field.

They also tipped over a port-a-potty and blew up the pitcher’s mound and home plate.

“The racial slurs, I have no idea why someone would want to do that, especially here at Winlock. They must’ve had a problem with somebody or something here at the school,” said Contreras.

The district estimates the damage will cost about $1,000 to repair and replace.

Breen said, because of the amount of damage, the suspects could face felony level malicious mischief charges.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office.