UW doctor puts out recommendations for resuming youth sports safely amid COVID-19

VIDEO: UW doctor puts out recommendations for resuming youth sports safely

SEATTLE — Youth sports are being revamped and rescheduled due to COVID-19, and now the University of Washington has put out a blueprint of sorts for parents who are trying to get their kids active again, but safely.

The bottom line is that parents need to be involved more.

KIRO 7′s Ranji Sinha spoke with Dr. Jonathan Drezner, who is making the recommendations, and he’s been working at the state level for guidelines to get kids back to play.

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He says parents need to ask about and understand COVID-19 protocols coaches will establish and enforce.

Drezner is the director of the sports medicine department at UW.

Sinha recently met Drezner while covering the Seattle United Club Soccer program which was showing KIRO 7 its protocols for play.

It involved spacing, distance markers and ways to enter and exit the field, as well as masking and limits to how many people could be on the field. There were no games or fans, though.

Drezner says sports can be done in September, but King County's situation has ruled out many sports.

He has recommendations for resuming sports safely, including wearing a mask along with physical distance.

He says that distance needs to be 10-12 feet and that parents should screen kids at home before practices. If anyone in that player’s household is sick, they should not practice, among other measures.

“In general, we’re not recommending carpools if you can get your kid there alone and just with your household -- that’s obviously the safest. But we know that’s not possible in all circumstances. There are ways to be in a car more safely -- windows down, everyone in the car should be wearing a mask,” said Drezner.

Seattle United admitted with safety protocols in place, there simply aren't enough youth soccer venues open to get in regular practices for everyone.

But Drezner says those protocols should be in place.