Gunfire at North Sound party leaves three teens injured

Three teens shot at Burlington party

Three teenagers are recovering after they were shot at a house party in the North Sound.

The shooting happened Friday night in the 1200 block of East Rio Vista Avenue in Burlington.

In the sunlight of this quiet Saturday, this seems an unlikely place for what Burlington police say happened here hours earlier.

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"We've known them, but nothing like every night or anything going like that," said Marty Lopez. "No, nothing like that."

Lopez lives across the street from the house on East Rio Vista Avenue.  He says he and his wife were inside when a commotion started outside.

"And then next thing we know, kids were running," said Lopez. "She (his wife) was saying 'Kids are running out the house.' Policemen start to show up. And eight to 10 police cars were here."

That's when his neighbor, who didn't want to identified, realized something was wrong, too.

"I peaked out the window," she said, "and at that point, they had already crime scene taped off the road right in front of my neighbor's house."

Burlington police say that a party at the site attracted several teenagers. It turned violent at about 10:30 Friday night when someone fired a weapon.

Two males, 16 and 18 years old, showed up at local hospitals that night with gunshot wounds.  A third teen, a 15-year-old boy, sought medical treatment Saturday morning.

In the chaos, whoever was shooting escaped.

Now neighbors are left to consider the danger they thought was far away from showing up in their community.

"Very close," said the neighbor. "Yeah, very close. Kind of frightening. Yeah, yeah, concerning."

Burlington police say there were a lot of people at the party so a lot of people witnessed what happened. That could bode well in their search for the shooter.

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