Two new bills could ease car tab fees

SEATTLE — Two bills in the state legislature could ease the sticker shock related to car tab fees.

The bills were both introduced in response to the increased car tab fees after voters passed the Sound Transit 3 ordinance.

Many are starting to see their tabs increase in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. Some drivers saw fees triple.

The new bills were introduced to bring relief to taxpayers. One of them would give cities and counties that didn't vote to pass ST3 the right to opt out of these taxes.

The second bill would ensure people are not being overcharged by the Department of Licensing when they go to renew their tabs.

Currently, fees are based on the MSRP value of the car, factoring in depreciation.

The bill would make the value be based on things like Kelly Blue Book, which is often lower.

Even if these bills pass, they likely won't go into effect this year.

The new ST3 fees are set to go into effect for any car tab that needs to be renewed after March 1.