Turkey with injured foot gets wheelchair

Turkey with injured foot gets wheelchair
(Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge)

WASHOUGAL, Wash. — A 60-pound turkey with an injured foot at a Washougal animal rescue now has a wheelchair to help him recover.

The turkey, named Bill, came to Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge after coming from a feed store.

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Bill’s right foot had an infection from a cut, but it seemed as if his other leg was bothering him. After putting weight on his leg, it resulted in his right toe getting injured, according to the rescue.

Due to his size and injury, it was difficult for Bill and his caretakers to flip him over to change his bandages.

To help with his recovery and to give him support, Bill is now using a wheelchair that was designed for a dog, but converted to help him. The wheelchair was made by Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.