Tukwila teriyaki restaurant closed for potentially hazardous foods

File photo of teriyaki chicken with rice. Image by Wikimedia user Gran. 

TUKWILA — A King County health inspector closed a Tukwila teriyaki restaurant for five violations that ranged from poor personal hygiene practices to potentially hazardous foods on Thursday.

Sunny Teriyaki, located at 13038 Interurban Avenue South, will reopen once an inspector confirms that these issues have been resolved:

• Poor personal hygiene practices - hand washing

• Foods from unapproved source - failure to wash produce

• Improper cooling of potentially hazardous food

• Inadequate facilities to control temperature of potentially hazardous food - hot/cold holding

• Potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures

• Equipment/utensils not properly sanitized

In a health inspection last year, the restaurant received a “needs to improve” for food safety in its Oct. 6, 2016 inspection.

Click here for a searchable database of food ratings from other King County restaurants. Below are the four food ratings explained. 

Needs to Improve: The restaurant was either closed by Public Health - Seattle & King County within the last year or the restaurant needed multiple return inspections to fix food safety practices.

Okay: The restaurant has had MANY red critical violations over the last four inspections.

Good: The restaurant has had SOME red critical violations over the last four inspections.

Excellent: The restaurant has had No or Few red critical violations over the last four inspections.

According to the health department, a restaurant's rating is based on three main components: trend of food safety practices over time, scale of performance, and rating on a curve. The health department believes a curve system provides the most accurate information on a restaurant's performance, so inspectors compare a restaurant's average with other restaurants within the same zip code or area.

Starting at the beginning of 2017, the health department began requiring restaurants to display food ratings in restaurant windows. It now issues placards with emojis that rank the restaurant on a scale from "excellent" to "needs to improve."

If you have a question about restaurant food ratings, you can email KIRO 7 here.