• Top 10 things to keep pipes safe during cold snap


    Seattle is gearing up for a deep freeze. 

    The coldest airmass seen in quite a few years will arrive along with the new year, and as we usually contend with when arctic blasts move in, there will be a chance for lowland snow. Read Meteorologist Morgan Palmer's full weather post here. 

    With the impending cold snap, there is concern about frozen pipes and ultimately burst pipes.

    Beacon Plumbing owner Bill Cahill said persistent cold can freeze a pipe, and if left frozen the ice that forms inside a pipe can rupture it.  Sometimes the water stops flowing.  Other times homeowners may not even know there is a problem until the pipes thaw and water goes everywhere.

    Cahill recommends these 10 tips to protect your pipes:

    1. Know where the main water shut off valve is
    2. Make sure hose are disconnected to all bibs/spigots
    3. Insulate all pipes along outside walls
    4. Insulate attic pipes
    5. Get heat into the garage
    6. Cover crawl space and vent openings with cardboard
    7. Leave the faucet running slightly
    8. Open cabinets under sinks to expose plumbing to warmer air
    9. If you have a yard hydrant leave it running
    10. Don't forget about vacant properties, winterize them too

    It is important to realize that a frozen pipe is not the same as a busted pipe. If a pipe is frozen, a homeowner can use heat to thaw it before there is damage. 

    Cahill recommends only calling a plumber if you suspect actual damage.  He said if that is the case shut off the water before calling because help may take some time to arrive.​

    You can download the KIRO 7 weather app to get alerts about weather events around your home. Click here to download. 

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