Tony Reed testifies against his brother, John Reed, in Oso murders

Today Tony Reed took the stand to testify against his brother, John Reed.

John Reed is charged with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder for the deaths of Patrick Shunn and his wife Monique Patenaude.

The Oso couple disappeared in April 2016, and so did their SUVs.

Investigators discovered John Reed and the missing couple, who lived next door to each other in Oso, had an ongoing property dispute. John Reed had accepted the  federal property buyout after his property was destroyed by a mudslide. Investigators say he kept returning to the property.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office says Reed killed the couple and then asked his brother, Tony Reed, to help him cover up the crime.

Tony Reed reached a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to rendering criminal assistances and agreed to testify against his brother.

Detectives say John Reed and Tony Reed fled to Mexico after the murders,  with the help of their family.

Tony Reed returned and cooperated with investigators, leading them to the victims' bodies.

During his testimony on Tuesday, Reed told the jury his brother shot Shunn and Patenaude with their own gun. The prosecutor said this is the first time Tony Reed had made such a claim.

When asked why he didn't call 911 and report the shooting as self-defense, Tony Reed said he was afraid he'd be arrested.

The prosecution is expected to wrap up on Wednesday. The defense will begin presenting its case on Thursday. John Reed is expected to testify that he shot the couple in self-defense.

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