• Airport lost & found: The good, the strange & the costly challenges ahead


    Tucked away at Sea-Tac Airport, inside a few cramped rooms, sits the stories of absent minded travelers. Dropped cell phones, forgotten driver’s licenses, misplaced laptops line the shelves of the airport lost and found.

    More than 2,500 items end up there every month. Last year, the lost and found received more than 27,000 items. While some of the items left behind are the ones you’d expect, there are also some strange ones: a prosthetic eye, fake teeth, even small containers of ashes.

    The people who work inside the lost and found end up becoming amateur detectives when the items they recover have no names or addresses attached.

    The YWCA of King County has helped run the airport lost and found since 2002, but recently decided not to renew their contract. That’s created a challenge for the Port of Seattle that could end up costing them more money.

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