Video Gaming Addiction: Is Your Child's Health at Risk?

VIDEO: Video Gaming Addiction: Is Your Child?€™s Health at Risk?

Doctors say they’ve seen emotional and physical impacts on children’s health from playing hours a day on video games, including the wildly popular game, Fortnite.

Fortnite allows people to play against each other online in a last man standing scenario, and games only last about 20 minutes, allowing players to join again and again.

Dr. Cora Breuner with Seattle Children’s Hospital told KIRO 7 that kids and teens are particularly susceptible to addiction because their brains are developing.

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“When you play a video game, parts of your brain spark just like you’re addicted to nicotine or alcohol or an opiate,” she said. “Clearly, the data is that we really shouldn’t be having these kids on the screens for more than two, maybe three hours a day, at the most.”

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