• Tim Eyman found in contempt over his financial documents

    By: The Associated Press


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - A Thurston County Superior Court judge has found anti-tax initiative promoter Tim Eyman in contempt for failing to produce financial records in an ongoing probe of alleged politically corrupt acts.

    The Daily Herald reports Judge James Dixon issued the contempt order Friday and imposed a fine of $250 a day until Eyman turns over documents sought by Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

    Ferguson is seeking documents in the civil suit accusing Eyman of illegally profiting from political activities in 2012.

    The Attorney General's office says Dixon imposed the fine retroactive to Feb. 16 as recommended by a special master assigned to handle discovery matters in the complicated legal fight.

    Eyman's attorney, Mark Lamb, said Monday that he thinks records already provided to the state and updated on March 2 will satisfy the demands.

    The case is set for a jury trial in November 2018.

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