Thurston County man likely on drugs when he made threats with machete

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. — Thurston County deputies say a man who drove his car through a large gate and threatened people with a machete may have been on drugs.

Late Wednesday night, deputies were called to a report of a suspicious person off Neat Road Southeast.

Deputies arrived and spoke with a man, who appeared to be on narcotics, was in crisis, or both.

Because no crimes had been committed, he was given a ride to his home in the general area.

Early Thursday, emergency dispatchers began receiving calls about the same man threatening people with a machete near his house. People also reported that the man was breaking windows and threatened to kill three people inside a home.

Deputies arrived and discovered the man had driven his car through a large wooden gate to get to a house, where he broke a window out.

Surveillance video from the home showed the man screaming and waving the machete around on the property.

The man was arrested by deputies without incident.