Three-year-old child with special needs has hair ripped off on bus ride home

AUBURN, Wash. — Surveillance cameras captured 3-year-old special need student LouLou screaming in agony as an older eight-year-old special needs student repeatedly ripped out clumps of her hair.

When the driver noticed the screaming, the 8-year-old lied and told him LouLou had taken out her pony tail and was upset.

LouLou is non-verbal, she could not speak to defend herself.

LouLou’s mother, Teresa Wende, secured a copy of the video from the district after she noticed a large bald spot on her child Friday afternoon.

"She's screaming at the top of her lungs," Wende said.

"She can't talk! If you're going to ask her: 'What's wrong LouLou?' and she's screaming: Something's wrong! And he did not stop the bus one time."

Auburn police are investigating and will forward the case to the prosecutor’s office.

“It’s disturbing because in all regards, it appears the 8-year-old knew what they were doing,” Auburn Commander Mark Caillier said.

According to the police report, a school principal is quoted as saying the 8-year-old is a known hair puller.

“She has behavior issues, you know she pulls hair, why would you set them next to each other?” Wende said.

The Auburn School District refused to do an on camera interview or supply much information about the case.

A spokeswoman wrote via email in response to questions about bus staffing levels and known issues with the 8-year-old:

“I need to check on the bus staffing and will have to get back to you. Student safety is our number one priority and we are continuing to investigate this specific incident. I also do not have any information about ‘known hair pulling.’”