Threatening note left at home of Washington elector

The note read “MAGA Death to Electors,” and it appeared on Julian Wheeler’s porch in Lakewood last Monday.

Wheeler served as one of 12 Washington electors who gathered in Olympia last month to do their constitutional duty.

They cast all of the state’s electoral votes for the candidate who won Washington, President-elect Joe Biden.

The threatening note included the shorthand for supporters of President Donald Trump and appeared two days before rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, fueled by Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

“All of that taken together — it does give you some cause for concern, especially when we’re talking about this being at the elector’s residence,” said Chief Mike Zaro of the Lakewood Police Department.

Last month, in remarks made on the state’s Senate floor during the Electoral College ceremony, Wheeler read a Bible verse and spoke of bipartisan healing.

“I look forward to the Biden and Harris administration healing this country and everyone coming together,” Wheeler said in December.

“My speech was a public gesture of unity,” he said in an interview on Monday.

Wheeler is a disabled Army veteran who served in Afghanistan.

Despite battling cancer, he works to make sure people have the supplies they need in the COVID-19 crisis.

Now, he must also be concerned about his own safety.

“It’s just the apprehension I feel of not knowing who did it,” Wheeler said.

The secretary of state’s office stated officials don’t know of any other Washington electors who received a similar threat.

Lakewood police said they don’t have much information at this point.

If you know anything about the threat, call Lakewood police or the FBI.