Thinking outside the box: Local Girl Scout Cookie sales go online with ‘Cookie Connector’

If you’re wondering how you’ll get your Girl Scout Cookie cravings satisfied this year, you’re probably not alone.

Though girls won’t be posted outside grocery stores due to the pandemic, you can still buy your cookies from a local Girl Scout.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington created the Cookie Connector website, where buyers can enter their ZIP code to be connected with a local Girl Scout.

Once you reach a girl’s order page, you can read her “cookie story” with information about the skills she is learning and where proceeds will go. You can also see where she is at with reaching her sales goal.

Your cookie order can then be shipped to your home for a fee or the Girl Scout can deliver it to your porch free of charge, with parent approval.

If you’d rather donate your cookies, you can still do that, too.

Amber Avery, the Girl Scout cookie site sales manager for Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood and Edmonds, said the new sales method is helping the girls gain skills such as time management, marketing, goal setting and customer service.

To order your cookies, follow this link. The Cookie Connector is open now through March 21.

You can also find other ways to buy your Girl Scout Cookies here.