Tens of thousands show up to cheer Sounders to victory

VIDEO: Team Coverage: Fans celebrate Sounders MLS Cup win

SEATTLE — Sounders FC fans showed up Sunday in the tens of thousands to cheer their team onto victory for the MLS Cup championship, and they had no doubt Seattle would win.

Fans streamed out of CenturyLink Field, most draped with their Sounders scarves after helping to produce what is being called the largest crowd in Seattle ever to watch a sports match.

"It was awesome. They played really well. I thought Cristian Roldan had a great game. Yeah, I'm very happy for this team," a fan said.

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When KIRO 7 talked to prognosticators before the match, most predicted they would win 3-1, and who could imagine that would actually be the final score?

Now there's talk Seattle could be one of the 16 teams in North America to host the World Cup.

KIRO 7 was also told Seattle's mayor and the state's governor watched today's match, plotting their bid for that privilege in 2026.

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